Herts & Essex Fertility Centre

The brief

Herts & Essex Fertility Centre is a clinic with over 30 years experience, managed by some of the industry’s leading experts. They are recognised as a world class centre, having delivered over 6,000 babies since its opening and helping to create thousands of new happy families. I was tasked for creating a range of promotional advertisements and printed materials for Herts & Essex that would be seen across the country.


The process

When designing for Herts & Essex Fertility Centre, I had to follow their very specific branding guide, ensuring the work I produced met a stringent set of criteria and remained consistent with other Herts & Essex design work. This, combined with direct communication with the centre’s marketing manager, was how I made sure that the materials I produced directly communicated the message and tone of voice that Herts & Essex were trying to achieve.

When it comes to fertility, the team at Herts & Essex knew that it was a subject that could affect anyone. This is why the work I produced for them had a considerable focus on diversity, making a point of showing that the fertility centre was well-versed in not just heterosexual relationships, but non-traditional families too.


The solution

While designing for Herts & Essex Fertility Centre, I produced a range of train station posters, roller banners, and advertisements for both print and web use. All materials were consistent with Herts & Essex branding, and clearly communicated a universal, supportive message.