Beards & Daisies

Beards & Daisies are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of thoughtful botanical gifts and plant subscriptions, boasting the largest collection of indoor plants in the country.

To date, I have assisted with the brand’s social media strategy, including designing their Instagram feed since September 2020, producing corresponding Instagram stories, editing videos for Facebook ads, and much more. Also within the digital sphere, I have contributed to the UX of the brand’s website by assisting with the site’s structure, producing web banners and editing and resizing imagery.

Most notably, I am the designer behind their new ‘magalogue’ – The Green Edit, a publication distributed to customers and subscribers which allowed Beards & Daisies’ to showcase their products and offer helpful advice from plant experts to customers in their own homes. The first two issues, ranging between 30 and 45 pages, have proven to significantly boost sales since their release.

Since being introduced to Beards & Daisies, I have contributed various other assets across print and digital, including video production, packaging design, ad designs for print and social media, and supplementary ‘care cards’ to accompany every plant order, detailing how plant parents can keep their new plant happy and healthy.