The Ecoliving Show

The brief

The Ecoliving Show was an event which catered to the growing awareness of global environmental issues. The show was to provide in-depth information and products which promote self-sufficiency, sustainability and environmental mindfulness. With an expected footfall of 15,000 people over the two day event, the Ecoliving team needed branding that was to-the-point, impactful, and enticing.


The process

The Ecoliving team were on a mission. With such an important message to spread, they needed to ensure that they marketed the event in a way that would attract as many attendees as possible. They wanted the branding to encompass the various topics that would be explored in the exhibition, without being too busy or complicated.

With so many people getting bogged down by the presumed expensiveness of living a more eco-conscious life, Ecoliving needed to have a welcoming, relatable tone of voice; one that encouraged attendees to make even small, everyday changes that would have a positive impact on the planet.

I created a number of initial logo concepts using Adobe Illustrator. When I was happy with the logos, I mocked up some train station posters using each logo; this would help show if the branding would be impactful enough to catch the eye of busy London commuters.

When the Ecoliving team discussed the initial concepts, they decided on one that they felt best represented the exhibition. I went away and developed the chosen concept further, tweaking and fine-tuning until the team were 100% happy with the result. Once approved, I was able to implement the branding elsewhere.


The solution

The chosen Ecoliving logo struck the perfect balance between encompassing everything that the show comprised of, whilst still being clean, clear and straight to the point. The ‘globe’ within the logo represents planet Earth, but upon closer inspection, you can see that the globe is made up of many different icons. Each icon symbolises one of the topics that the exhibition covers, from gardening to renewable energy sources. The branding was implemented across the show’s various social media platforms, and also used in multiple printed advertisements.