Mind Body Soul Experience

The brief

Covering complementary health, spiritual awareness and personal development, Mind Body Soul Experience is the largest show of its type in the UK. Wanting to celebrate the world’s mysteries, amazing people and age-old wisdoms, the MBS team required branding for their 2019 London exhibition that succinctly depicted what was in store for this year’s attendees.


The process

Due to Mind Body Soul Experience’s unique subject matter, they could afford to get really creative with their branding. The MBS team enlisted me to create a totally one-of-a-kind illustration that would lead this year’s event’s branding campaign. They wanted a ‘face’ of the event; someone that both regular and new attendees could resonate with.

As well as illustrating something that would accurately represent MBS, I had to ensure that what I created could be used across multiple platforms. The branding would be implemented into the exhibition’s promotional marketing materials, including social media, leaflets, tickets and show guides.

I began my illustrative process with a simple line drawing, using Procreate and an iPad. Once I was happy with the line drawing, I mocked up various materials to show the MBS team how it would work in multiple formats, including a show guide cover, where the illustration would be displayed along with the name of the event and other important information, such as opening times and ticket prices.

After the line drawing was approved, I began adding colour and detail to the illustration. Once it was completely brought to life, I saved the illustration down into multiple, separate elements that could be used by the marketing team as and where they saw fit – this would help especially on social media, when sometimes only a small element of the illustration would be required to keep the branding across each post consistent and tied together.


The solution

I have created two separate, fully rendered illustrations for Mind Body Soul Experience, London 2019. These illustrations have been used (both in part and in their entirety) online, in printed adverts in multiple international magazines, and across all marketing materials for this year’s exhibition. I have been in charge of creating MBS’ social media posts since June 2019, and have been tasked with taking the design lead on all printed materials leading up to the show in October 2019.