Jessie Keogh is a graphic designer and illustrator from Essex, UK.

Although she’s been drawing since she was old enough to hold a pencil, Jessie started her creative career at the age of 18 as an apprentice designer for a small, start-up digital agency. In the years that have passed since then, she has participated in a plethora of digital and print-based projects, injecting her unique sense of style into promotional materials, social media marketing, and websites alike.

Now, Jessie is the current lead designer of PlantBased Magazine, a publication dedicated to vegan recipes, interviews with popular plant-based chefs and nutritional advice from the industry’s leading experts.

Jessie is also a regular columnist for Vegan Life Magazine, contributing the aptly-named ‘My Vegan Diary’, where she discusses a range of topics regarding life as a modern vegan, from being the only vegan in the family to the importance of keeping your cool when debating the ethics of eating animal products.

In early 2019, she was tasked with illustrating the front covers of a new title: Be Kind Magazine. Be Kind is a magazine which aims to make the world a better place, covering issues such as food waste, recycling, and community work. Each cover that Jessie illustrates needs to encompass that particular issue’s main theme, whether it be plastic, fashion, or what ‘home’ really means, whilst maintaining a consistent and distinctive brand identity.

When Jessie is not working, she is often found at home with her boyfriend, doodling on her iPad or eating delicious vegan food.